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DRD INDIA is a subsidiary of DRD Communications Ltd, UK has been trading for over 20 years as a top tier supplier of voice, data and ancillary services. We as a software development firm with expertise in process automation and application integration in multi-platform Server Provider environments. We have extensive experience in developing OSS/BSS that enable carriers to increase revenue, improve differentiation and consolidate back office functions.

Our experience as a BroadSoft platform owner in the UK is the validation of Uboss, with thousands of subscribers connected around the world. We deployed BroadSoft in 2006 and have a deep understanding of the actual challenges in deploying service and really scaling service out on BroadWorks. We are unique as an OSS vendor in coming from this perspective of actually taking service to market, both through direct sales and through private label channel. Realising there was a wider gap in the market than just our own requirement, we launched Uboss to the BroadSoft community. In our experience, the ability to streamline and automate all back office functions is absolutely critical in scaling out a hosted business.

Uboss allows Service Providers to scale without limits, both in terms of subscribers and services being deployed. As a cloud service there are no bottlenecks, or development lead-times that constrain the Service Provider. VanillaIP, our UK BroadWorks platform business, has experience with both direct and indirect channels, including Qudo, our direct market offering. Uboss is market proven, battle tested and the evolution of 6 years on-going research and development.


Uboss technology empowers Cloud Voice and Application Providers
by simplifying and automating back office provisioning, billing and integration.
Maximise your success in the cloud with Uboss

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Horizontal Application Integration

Uboss allow multi-vendor services to be packaged and presented as a single homogeneous solution, where Uboss acts as the central provisioning system. This allows Service Providers to create highly differentiated product sets without having the technical complexity of integrating multiple different systems.

Manage Commercial Terms

The flexibility in building a unique offering can extend beyond combining different vendor services to also include bespoke commercials, with 30 day rentals, pre-pay, term contract and rebate options, all customisable at a channel or customer Group level.

Customized Product Offering

Providers have total freedom in defining product bundles that combine any mix of BroadSoft and third party services. For example, Providers can quickly and easily launch products that combine mobile GSM, Microsoft and CRM products to their existing portfolio. The fact that these services could be coming from a number of different vendors or suppliers is seamlessly masked within Uboss.

Online Shop

Service Providers can now effectively turn their Uboss provisioning system into an online shop by encouraging subscribers to self-serve online. Because everything is automated, new services can be consumed automatically. This offers a profound opportunity to drive incremental sales into the existing user community and increase ARPU.

Roles & Permissions Based

Uboss supports industry recognised auditing, tracking and reporting of all changes. Channel Partners, end users and customer admins have a roles and permissions based hierarchy to control access within Uboss.

Single Data Entry

When allocated to a subscriber or Group, Uboss automatically assigns all the services that are needed to deliver the solution to the customer. For Operations and Customer Service teams this reduces errors, eliminates double entry and makes on-boarding new subscribers far quicker. This concept of "no swivel chair provisioning" allows underpins the power of our automated credit locking and customer self-care.


Subscriber and Partner Hierarchy

Uboss provides additional tiers of users, extending the current Group and Enterprise levels with Distributors and Departments. This provides a logical hierarchy for customers and provides options for system admin access and invoicing.

BroadSoft Service Orchestration

Uboss breaks down Broadsoft license packs allowing the Service Provider to break services out individually or as part of custom bundles. Uboss supports all services as they are released on BroadWorks and provides 100% automation of service assignment and configuration on BroadWorks.

Customer Self Management

All customers are different and their appetite to self-serve will vary. Encouraging customers to self-manage, and giving them the tools to do so, is essential in further reducing the Service Provider support costs in servicing their user community. All customer invoices are available online to subscriber Administrators with the appropriate access.

BroadSoft Community Apps

Easily plug-in applications from certified BroadSoft third party providers. There is an established and proven BroadSoft developer ecosystem with a range of plug-ins that enhance BroadWorks.

Flexible Billing Options

Invoices are automatically emailed to customers with options for configurable reports. Any combination of site or department invoicing is supported, for example, breaking costs down between Sales and Operations or APAC and EMEA. Uboss will mirror the accounting cost structure of the subscribers business.

Managing the Subscriber Transaction Lifecycle

Uboss reduces costs and makes Service Providers more efficient by automating and simplifying all elements of subscriber transaction management. This includes bundling of services from different vendors, single entry provisioning, automated device configuration and accurate billing.


Centralised Billing

Billing customers accurately, on time and at the correct rate is naturally important, not just in terms of goodwill but also in minimising support calls and rework back from customers. Uboss combines all costs related to delivering service in a single place, including service and call charges, one off hardware and ad-hoc charges. There are no longer separate invoices or manual reworking to complete a bill cycle, and pro-rata charges for services added or removed during a billing cycle are applied correctly. The customer receives a single invoice will all their service and call charges and third party services, with extensive reporting and breakdowns online.

Purchase Charges

One off charges, like hardware or professional services can be added as an ad-hoc single instance charge, triggered on the billing whenever the appropriate service or device is assigned to the customer. Recurring quarterly charges, perhaps for support, can also be added.

Business Intelligence

Uboss provides a real-time and historical dashboard of activity across the platform, including changes in revenue, subscribers and services. Any alert triggers can be specified, such as a customer downloading their rate table. Reports highlight margin spread across services and can be used to measure the success of sales campaigns. Service providers that are using Uboss billing, can also audit BroadWorks services against sales revenue.

Contract Terms

Any mix of customer terms is supported including monthly rental [pay as you go], fixed term contracts [such as 12, 36, 60 etc month terms], secondary terms and pre-pay. At the end of any term Uboss will manage the secondary period and will also support 30 day rental users alongside fixed term users if a customer grows during the term. Rebates and any other tariff rules are all automatically applied, for example where a customer gets discounted or free handsets on a fixed rate term. Any term contract financial obligations are levied automatically if the customer ceases service within term.

Private Label Channel

Uboss seamlessly supports direct sales alongside private label and master agent channels, each with their own services, tariffs and third party services.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a cascading hierarchy that allows the customer group, sites, site services and users to be automatically forwarded to a pre-set DR number. When DR is activated in Uboss, at whichever level, all users and services underneath will call forward. The Uboss DR service uses a BroadWorks call forward always service, but simplifies activation with a simple one-button activation.

Automated Credit Locking

Uboss automated 24/7 credit locking protects Service providers and their customers against toll fraud with pre-set limits that, once breached, automatically bar the subscriber extension or business group. Credit limits can be varied by the provider and email alerts are sent when the threshold is being approached. For credit control, Providers can manually apply the credit lock to stop all outbound calls from the selected extension or group.


The Uboss ticketing module is a sophisticated and hugely configurable support ticket management tool. Subscribers can open tickets from within the familiar Uboss interface with full reporting and tracking on ticket status.

Corporate Directory

The Corporate Directory service allows the user to easily search Group Contacts [the list of all other subscribers in the customer business] as well as group speed dial numbers, as populated in Uboss. This intuitive navigation replicates the "System Speed Dials" feature some users had on their legacy PBX and builds on our concept of the endpoint as a conduit with all functionality running centrally from Uboss.

Device Configuration

Any endpoint that is required to consume service, such as an IP phone, is automatically configured. Specific button functions, such as ACD state, can also be configured on a customer by customer basis allowing the Service Provider to tailor the customer experience in using the system. Uboss will also push logos to IP phone screens giving the Service Provider a strong branding opportunity on the customer's desk.

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